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Onsite project installation (fun! fun! fun!), installing a butterfly wall decal:

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March 25, 2009

7:50 AM

We Moved .........

Join ada for a coffee break at her new blog site called




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March 5, 2009

2:35 PM

The Room Decorating Game! Ready to Play?

Ready to get your GAME ON?!

The objective of the game is to name FOUR KEY things (or elements) needed to improve the comfort in this bedroom picture, besides painting. Don't over analyze it, just picture yourself in the room and name four TOP things you would change/add/remove/and-or- replace to make your stay in the room pleasant.


Here's the room:

Now remember that one person's comfort may not be another person's delight, so don't choose the color of the walls or the bed sheets as one of the TOP FOUR comfort infringements ... think overall comfort. When you have your FOUR TOP comfort elements ready, then proceed to read the below paragraph. Don't cheat ; ) ... don't scroll down and peek at the the image & 4 answers. What are the FOUR TOP things this room needs to make it more comfortable?

So how did you do? Did you guess all FOUR?

Here is why these are the TOP priorities for transforming this room to meet comfort level:

1. Window Treatment/ Curtains:
Through the window you can see another house, so unless you are an exhibitionist ; ), you will not like your neighbors spotting your every move. If you have a view of a mountain, then window treatment can be minimal, but to ensure your privacy you would need an window treatment to make you feel comfortable in your own room.

2. Taller lamps:
The guide with night lamps is that you should not be able to see the bulb within the lamp when you are reading in bed. The light will irritate you and worse - harm your vision. Besides a taller lamp, the lamp should have a thinner base to accommodate the comfort of placing items on the nightstand (the lamp base shown in the picture is too wide).

3. Area rug:
Unless you have wood flooring that has a heat insulated system within the floor, then you will need an area rug to keep your feet nice and toasty when you wake up in the morning and become alert enough to find your slippers.

4. Move Bed:
Now who really enjoys walking sideways? There is enough room on the right side of the bed; therefore TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of the space and move the night stand to the edge of the door and the bed to provide a wider comfortable walking area.

The above are all elements that are applicable for ALL styles. No matter what style you prefer (even if it's an eclectic style), you should ALWAYS LIVE in comfort. You deserve it!
Hey, have you checked out our decorating service called Quick Room Analyzer for $29.00? Simply send us pictures of your room(s) and we will sketch on one of your pictures a design concept to maximize your room for your comfort.
~ Hug, Ada
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March 2, 2009

12:29 PM

Ooh La La Economical and Easy to Install Area Rugs!

Hi! Whenever I have a client that mentions that they are looking for an economical area rug or carpet to withstand kids playing around, pets prouncing about, or friends and family visiting alot (or wild parteeeeee!!) I go into my secret resource bag (um, not a secret anymore - wink wink) and pull out my FAVORITE area rug vendor called FLOR.com

Their "tiled carpet" designs are from funky fun to conservative designs, AND are EASY TO INSTALL. Rasie your hand if you love EASY techniques? Below is a picture of their regular tiles (size: 19.7" x 19.7")

Plus (yes, there is more), they recycle their carpet tiles - don't we love vendors that find ways for us to help our planet.

Extra tip: I love using these carpet tiles to surround beds. There is no need to add rug under your bed (in a non visible area) so you save money in buying less material by simply buying the amount of tiles you need to surround your bed - ooh la la economical!

Have a GREAT day! ~ Hug, Ada


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February 27, 2009

10:00 AM

Have Cans? Use Them Don't Lose Them!

Did you know that hiding in your kitchen is an oasis of useful containers that you most likely throw away without thinking twice; such as coffee cans! Next time you are preparing dinner, instead of throwing away the cans you just opened why don’t you:

  • transform them into vases for fresh flowers (I am sure your guests will bring you flowers!)
  • use them for storing utensils (group all the forks in one container, all the spoons in another, and if you have peaceful guests you can even display all your knives!)

Aluminum items (wink! wink! "cans") give a modern sleek look to any room! Want an airy look for your room? Then don’t throw away that mayonnaise glass jar and place fresh flowers in it!

Happy Friday!!! ~ Ada


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February 26, 2009

10:21 AM

You CAN have a lot of STUFF without looking cluttered! See how!

Yes I can! Yes I can! - said the little engine that could! And you too can have a lot of stuff in your home without feeling that the items are taking over your home like dust bunnies. Here's an example picture of a Super Organizer to the Rescue - using the secret superhero weapons of:

- containers (boxes, open and closed lids,)

- balanced color (splash of style)

- elevated design (used all the wall space to it's maximum SUPER power)

One of the key elements to a room design that nourishes your comfort is: organization!

I bet you knew that. But the question is ... do YOU ORGANIZE? Hmmmm?!!

Now psst here's the secret - the key to a functional organized home is: having designated areas! Do you have designated places for all your DVD, books, incoming mail, outgoing mail, clothes (clean and stinky ones), shoes, bags bags bags, etc etc etc. Or do you tend to scatter items throughout your home?

If you feel overwelmed at home with clutter, then it is simply your soul telling you that it is time to move on and take action to better your home and yourself!

I have faith in you! Try writing on your calendar the day that you will take 2 hours to look at your home and SEE what you can do to make it more comfortable for you, and of course if you need help, we are here for you!

You CAN live in comfort and style at home! Hugs, ~ Ada


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February 24, 2009

3:31 PM

What are your cravings?

I am craving for something Eastern this spring. And I am not talking about the food, although the food is one of my favorites too. I recently spotted this picture:

. . and fell in love with these cuties – called drum tables. I already designed MY whole bedroom (only in my head of course) around these “chicks” - they look like little adorable chicks to me. The intricate cutouts inspired by Moroccan motifs create exotic patterns and eliminate the need to travel to the Middle East.

The canary yellow color adds a substantial dose of sun into an otherwise cool bedroom.

I haaaaave to have them! Similar tables can be found at
www.westelm.com (and pssst it is on SPECIAL right now).

What I love most about these tables is that they are so versatile. They may be used as:

an additional seating,
as an accent or cocktail table,
plant stand
pool side accessory

They can be handy:
in the bathroom to hold the towels, or
in the entry to place your bag on.

Below are a few visual ideas of how you can introduce the drum tables to your home décor:

one more

And REMEMBER drum tables are not only for musicians!

Truly yours, Albina


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February 19, 2009

10:00 AM

Easiest "Frame" to Display Photos: Hangers! Yes, Hangers!

Hi! Happy Thursday! Below is a picture of a recent completed project where we displayed elegant wedding pictures using trouser/shirt-hangers. Very Unique! Very E&E (economical + elegant)! Very easy to change pictures through the seasons in a CREATIVE ("you did what?") WAY:

Hmmm, tempted to go into your closet now and pull out some hanger? Go for it! ... maybe hang one up in your bathroom, or maybe "on" your closet door so when you open it you get a smile seeing a great "memory". The design is for the brave creative types that have one rule: HAVING FUN!!

~ Until my next journal - Hugs, Ada


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